woohoo! does exactly what it says on the box. I’ve been unable to wipe the smile off my boyfriend’s face for days.

David, 30, London

I only buy organic food because I care what it does to my body, so why shouldn’t I buy organic personal products too?

Simon, 28, Eastbourne

As a health conscious consumer who watches what I eat, it’s refreshing to see an organic product that I’m able to introduce into my sex life.

Dan, 31, Bristol

Thanks goodness for a lubricant that doesn’t scream ‘I’m gay’ to other shoppers. I love the fact that it looks so premium.

Jacob, 35, Northants

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean that I want everyone in the shopping queue to know my sexuality. I love the fact that woohoo! looks so discreet.

James, 21, Birmingham