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Q. I have recently come out and am enjoying an active sex life. I have relied on products such as Vaseline, baby oil and even saliva for lubrication up until now, because I’m conscious of going out and buying specialist products over the counter – especially ones that highlight my sexuality. Any suggestions on products? I really don’t know where to start!

A. You’re right that lubrication is absolutely vital for comfort and safety, yet using not enough or the wrong type can make condoms more likely to tear or come off. A water-based lubricant is essential to ensuring enjoyable, safe intercourse as oil based products can cause condom failure. Why not try woohoo! a new organic lubricant which is available exclusively through, eliminating any over the counter embarrassment. Priced at £5.99 it contains only natural ingredients and has been designed to enhance intercourse through its unique formulation.

Q. As a sexually active gay guy, lubricants play an important role in my sex life. More recently I have become increasingly aware of the ingredients found in personal care products – I have even changed the deodorant I use after discovering that it contained parabens which I’ve heard have been linked to breast cancer. Should I be concerned about whether the products I’m applying to more intimate areas are harmful?

A. With 60% of what we put on our skin being absorbed into our bodies, there are growing concerns about the use of synthetic preservatives, such as parabens – which many believe are linked to cancers, and the effects of known irritants such as glycerine and glycols. woohoo! is a new organic lubricant which addresses these uncertainties through the use of natural, chemical-free, high quality ingredients and has been awarded the Soil Association certification. It also contains Carageenan, an ingredient which has been found to inhibit the sexually transmitted HPV virus. Available exclusively through woohoo! is just £5.99 (50ml).

Is a lack of lubrication causing problems in your relationship, ruining your sex life?
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