Introducing woohoo! the first organic lube for gay guys

A water-based organic lube with a silky and sensuous feel, designed to enhance anal intercourse and intimacy.

Containing only natural, organic ingredients, woohoo! has been designed to not only improve the nation’s sex lives, but also address the concerns of those worried about the ingredients found in their lube.


So, Why is an organic lube so important?

You wouldn’t knowingly eat something that you knew contained potentially harmful ingredients, would you?

Then why would you apply them to intimate parts of your body?

Most lubes contain synthetic preservatives, such as parabens (which many believe are linked to cancer) and glycerine and glycols, which are known irritants.

woohoo! has therefore been created to address the concerns of a
growing number of guys concerned about the ingredients in lubes
and contains only organic, chemical-free,
high quality ingredients.